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We normally start the day with tea or coffee and toast or rusks. After the first hunting session we have a sumptuous brunch at 10:00 to 11:30.

Brunch consist of fresh fruit, cereals, yoghurt, traditional porridge, bacon, eggs, toast, sausages and other meaty dishes, as well as coffee, tea and fruit juice.

During the day cooler boxes are taken along with cool drinks, water and sandwiches.

Dinner is served at 20:00. We normally have a three coarse meal, consisting of the following:
A starter e.g. rockpigeon breasts or baked muchrooms with filling.
Main coarse - 2 meat dishes, one of wich will be game we hunted and the other beef or chicken.
One starch
Two vegetable dishes
Sweets / Pudding
Coffee / Tea

Full catering available.